I was operated for pituitary tumor by opening my head by some other neurosurgeon and never got better. Prof khalid mahmood operated through nose for this tumor without opening my head and i got my vision back. He is best endoscopic  Neurosurgeon in Pakistan

Aftab Ali


Prof khalid Mahmood operated on my sister for very big acoustic Neuroma for which other Neurosurgeons were reluctant to operate. Alhadullilah she is up and about and very well



I was operated by prof khalid mahmood for backache and disc prolapse. I am pain free and will recommend every body not to be afraid of this surgery



Prof khalid Mahmood treated my son who was comatose after head injury. He is mashallah well and getting married. We can never forget this doctor for extremely professional services

Waheed khan


Prof khalid Mahmood performed excellant brain surgery on my son who was suffering from brain tumor. He is now free of epilepsy. Thanx sir

Haji Murid