Dystonia DBS Surgery

Dystonia Treatment with Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgery in Lahore, Pakistan

Deep Brain Stimulation

Dystonia Treatment with Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgery of the globus pallidus internus (GPi‐DBS) is among the most effective treatment options for dystonias. Because the term “dystonia” is defined by a characteristic phenomenology of involuntary muscle contractions, which may present with a huge clinical and pathogenetic heterogeneity, choice making for or against GPi‐DBS can be difficult in different patients.

Dystonia Procedure with Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgery in Lahore, Pakistan

A search of the PubMed database for research and review articles, focused on “Deep Brain Stimulation” and “Dystonia” was used to recognize clinical trials and to regulate current concepts in the surgical management of dystonia. Patient range in previous studies was re-categorized by the authors using the new dystonia grouping put forward by a consensus committee of experts in dystonia research. The knowledge gaps and evidence are shortened and commented by the authors taking into account expert opinion and personal clinical experience for offering practical guidance in patient selection for DBS in dystonia.

DBS surgery procedure includes putting the tip of a hair-thin wire inside the brain in a special area that controls movement. The patient is conscious during surgery procedure to allow the surgical team to evaluate the patient’s functions of the brain. The hair-thin wire keeps running up through a little opening in the skull and under the scalp, down to a small device implanted under the collarbone. Local anesthetic is applied to these areas, and the patient is periodically sedated.

The patient does not feel any pain, when the electrode is being advanced through the brain, Most patients have two implants one on each side of the brain.

Steps of Procedure-:

  1. Patient Evaluation by Neurophysician
  2. Patient eligibility for DBS by Our team
  3. Hospital admission

Surgical Steps

  1. Pre op imaging
  2. Appilication of stereotatic frame
  3. Imaging with frame
  4. Surgical planning and localization of target radiologically
  5. Burr hole under local analgesia
  6. Physiological confirmation of target by MER
  7. Implantation of electrodes in brain
  8. Implantation of battery (IPG) infront of chest
  9. Programming of DBS to obtain best results

How Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) Works?

Deep Brain StimulationElectric Subcortical Stimulation, or Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), outlines useful Neurosurgical intervention with Stereotactic placement of Electrodes into Target brain areas. Propagating from an external stimulation device, which progresses toward becoming disguised by means of subdermal implantation, Electric impulses force the electrodes, stimulating the ideal target and invoking therapeutic responses within the patient giving Miraculous cure from all the diseases listed above. The entire methodology is performed in conscious patient and they are discharged the next day.


It is important to recognize the clinical features of dystonia, because the distinction between isolated and combined dystonia syndromes may predict the treatment response to pallidal deep brain stimulation. The aim of this review is to help guide clinicians with advising patients about deep brain stimulation therapy for dystonia and referring appropriate candidates to our Dystonia Treatment with Deep brain stimulation (DBS) Surgery in Lahore, Pakistan surgical center.