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Best Spine Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan

Best Spine Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan

If you are looking for Best Spine Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan for any of your spinal cord or related issues, Profession Dr. Khalid Mehmood will learn their patients that our everyday activities leave little or no time for our body to heal itself and relax. Wrong sitting habits, improper posture in standing, jerks, sudden movements, or accidents affect our backs the most. Backaches are the peak common complaints we hear daily. While some spine problems go away with the right care, some may need surgery for a permanent solution. Choosing the right treatment is important; we are Best Spine Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan. Also, provide treatment for back pain and backache at affordable rates.

Spine Surgery Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan

DBS is a relatively complex therapy that requires regular neurological follow-up and battery changes every 3-4 years.The time to consider DBS surgery is when quality of life is no longer acceptable on optimal medical therapy. The major risks are 1% risk of stroke causing a permanent deficit, due to bleeding in the brain, and a 2-5% chance of infection.

What is Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery (DBS)?

Normally a laser spine surgery is completed with the help of local anesthesia or gentle sedation. Methods such as endoscopic, microscopic, and even arthroscopic are widely used during the surgeries. During the process, a thin needle gets inserted directly into the herniated disc within x-ray guidance. An optical fiber gets inserted with the help of the needle as well as laser energy is derived from the fiber, vaporizing a small part of the disc nucleus. This result in a partial vacuum which pulls the herniation away from the nerve root, therefore, gets relief from the pain. With Top Spine Surgery in Pakistan, the effect usually is quick. Patients can easily walk out with a small adhesive bandage and come back to home just after 24 hours.

Best Spine Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan – Providing the Top Choices

When thinking about spine surgery there are a number of choices out offered by Top Spine Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan as under:


A foraminotomy is referred to a laser spine surgery utilized to get relief from particular spinal conditions. It makes use of an arthroscopic loom to open the foramen without any requirement of common anesthesia.


Laminotomy makes use of arthroscopic techniques to find open the spinal canal for the laser spine surgery. With no requirement of general anesthesia, laser spine surgery can be acted out in an outpatient surgical condition.

Endoscopic Discectomy

If the herniated disc or even bulging disc material presses on a nerve root or straightly on the spinal cord, the laser spine surgery can be acted to remove the part on the disc that is resulting in pain.

Endoscopic Spine Surgery Treatment

An endoscope is a very thin fiber-optic video camera, which can be used to see internal portions of the body. Endoscopes used for spine surgery are typically the diameter of a standard pencil (5-7mm). The endoscope is inserted into the body through a small “keyhole” incision, just large enough for the endoscope to fit through. Surgery is performed by passing instruments through the endoscope to remove disc material or bone spurs.

Advantages of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

  1. Small incisions and minimal scar tissue formation
  2. Less damage to surrounding muscle and soft tissues
  3. Decreased blood loss
  4. Decreased pain and reduced need for pain medication
  5. Quicker recovery and faster return to regular activities
  6. Procedures can be performed as outpatient surgery
  7. Decreased risk of postoperative infection

Top Endoscopic Spine Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan

If you are exploring the option of endoscopic spine surgery in Lahore, Pakistan makes sure your procedure is performed by an actual spine surgeon. There are physicians who market themselves as endoscopic spine surgeons who have not completed a residency in orthopaedic surgery or neurosurgery and are not certified. These physicians may be board certified in anesthesiology or pain management and may be appropriately trained to perform spinal injections, but unless they have completed a five-year residency in orthopaedic surgery or neurosurgery, they are not qualified to perform spine surgery.

Our specialist is an orthopaedic top spine surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan, who has completed a five-year residency in orthopaedic and spine surgery and an additional year of fellowship training in complex and minimally-invasive spine surgery. He is board-certified by the British Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Choosing the Right Top Spine Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan


Our spine plays a very important role in our body. It is known to carry signals from our brain through all other parts of our body. Damage to the spine may cause paralysis, deformities and other serious medical conditions. Because of this, it is very important that we immediately get the right treatment if we feel anything unlikely about our back or the spinal column. If we feel pain, we should make sure to consult a reliable spine doctor and get the right treatment.

Who Is Spine Surgeon?

A spine surgeon or an Orthopedic surgeon is someone who is concerned with musculoskeletal system conditions. He treats degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, musculoskeletal trauma and other diseases that are similar in nature through surgical processes.

Only Consider Board Certified Back Pain Specialist / Spine Specialist

In choosing the right spine surgeon to help us get rid of our back pain and other serious spine problems we should make sure that we only consider those who are board certified. Other than having completed their studies on the specific area of medicine, they should have also passed all qualifying exams that give them the license to practice. Spine surgery is too risky to trust non-experts with.

Choose Who Deal With Spinal Conditions and Always Up To Date

We should also make sure that we choose the best spine surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan, who devotes at least 50% of his practice to spinal conditions. Spine surgeons who deal with spinal conditions more often are up to date with the latest technologies and know the surgical procedures well. It would definitely make us feel better if our surgeon is confident with what he is doing.

Choose a Spine Surgeon Who Does Not Recommend Spine Surgery Straight Away

We should choose the top spine surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan, who does not recommend spine surgery straight away. Someone who does may be most interested in earning bigger money than helping you recover from your illness. Our spine is a very delicate part of the body and any damage to it can result to serious medical conditions like coma and paralysis which is why, before a surgeon should jump into surgical procedures he should exhaust all possible conservative treatments first.

Choose Most Recommended Ones and Experienced Spine Surgeon

In order for you to know more about your choices for top spine surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan, it would be best if you ask around for the most recommended ones and their experiences with them. You can ask some friends and acquaintances for recommendations or tips.

It is very important that you do not just choose any spine surgeon but the best primarily because the moment you step into the operating room to get treated, you entrust your life to him. His treatment and surgical capabilities will determine the success of the surgery. Choose well the person you are going to trust your life with.

Our Best Spine Surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan uses advanced, minimally invasive Back Pain Surgery solutions and spine treatments for relieving back pain, neck pains, serious spinal problems.